Welcome to Padoor Media Tech

Selecting right technology and solution for product engineering has become increasingly difficult in the present market of fast changing and fast information exchange. Padoor Media Tech Pvt. Ltd. brings in up to date and appropriate solution to the table for making products at sight. Our domain expertise includes biometrics, imaging, audio, wireless technologies, solar charging circuits.

At biometric wing of the Padoor Media Tech, we are developing products for for finger printing identification and matching systems for security market and research organizations.

DRAPES (Drive Recorder, Analyzer, Processor and Extractor System) is indegeniously developed product by using imaging technology from Japan. This combines latest wireless and GPS technologies and offers a automated driver assisting solution.

We have started developed solar charging and solar energy enhancing product development. We design battery chargers, LED drivers and DC-DC converters upto 100W. We also develop renewable energy products for the rural markets which meet MNRE specifications. We are also looking into solutions that would improve the efficiency of solar energy systems.

We are also working on technologies in various fields to make products in India at affordable price.

Our Clients